Anna Meschiari was born in Ticino, Switzerland. She is Swiss and Italian, lives and works in Albi, France.
After a first education in Photography at the school of Photography in Vevey, she moves to Berlin, where she founds the associative gallery for contemporary photography named exp12/exposure twelve (almost 40 exhibitions in 5 years). She continues her studies in Berlin in Communications design and decides 2012 to get in the Advanced Studies Program of Photography in Vevey, where she has the opportunity to follow some workshops with many international artists (just a few: Yto Barrada, Adam Broomberg, André Cepeda, Donigan Cumming,…). Since her graduation, July 2014, she has been living in the south-west of France. November 2015 she got the support of Pro Helvetia to develop a new project called Are We Alone? and June 2016 she is the recipient of the DRAC individual help to the creation.
Her work consists in a proper visual inquiry. Through the appropriation and manipulation of archives, she shows her work through the installation, that questions the link between image and language. The process of creation and the edition of books have an important place in her work.

1987, swiss & italian

Currently working in France

2016 / Grant for creation, AIC, DRAC Occitanie
2015 / Promotion of aspiring photographers, Support for the launch of projects, Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council
2014 / Advanced Studies in Photography, School of Applied Arts, Vevey, Switzerland (Degree with distinction)
2009 - 2012 / University of Applied Sciences, Communicationsdesign, HTW, Berlin, Germany
2010 - 2016 / Member of exp12, Berlin, Germany -

Solo exhibitions


A come Arcipelago, Casa Pessina, Ligornetto, Switzerland


ARE WE ALONE?, solo show, Green Hill Gallery, Berlin, September - October (curated by Noémie Richard and Marie DuPasquier)
ARE WE ALONE?, residency and solo show, Display, Berlin
ARE WE ALONE?, solo show, Mulhouse Biennial of Photography, Public Library of Mulhouse, June - September (curated by Marie DuPasquier)


AT ONCE, Warsaw Photo Day 2013, Galeria 27, Warsaw, Poland (curated by Dawid Misiorny)

Group shows, portfolio viewing


I WAS A GALACTIC WIENERLI, Le Salon, Espace Abstract, Lausanne, Switzerland
SWISS ART AWARDS, Hall 3, Messe Basel, Switzerland
PLAT(T)FORM, Portfolio Viewing, Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland


5 JAHRE, exp12, Berlin, Germany
TREES, Rolla Foundation, Bruzella, Switzerland
NEAR AT FREE, Geneva, Switzerland


FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER…, 6th European Month of Photography, exp12, Berlin
ARCHIVE, with Yann Haeberlin and Simon Rimaz, exp12, Berlin
THE SMELL OF DUST, audiovisual performance curated by Sue-Elie Andrade-Dé, Studio Foce - Lugano,
Monastero di Sant’orsola - Florence, Le Bar Floréal - Paris
TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2014, Tokyo, Japan
JE L'AIME EN PIÈCES, Diploma Exhibition, Espace Doret, Vevey, Switzerland
exp12 & guest, slide show, exp12, Berlin
THE SMELL OF DUST, audiovisual performance curated by Sue-Elie Andrade-Dé, Sao Paulo, Brazil


NEAR BY NIGHT 7, slideshow, art director Noémie Richard, music Pascal Lopinat, Lausanne, Switzerland
BERGEN ART BOOK FAIR 2013, Bergen, Norway
THE FLOOD WALL I & II . slide show at ManifestO Festival . Toulouse . France
TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2013, ZINE'S MATE SHOP, September 21-23, 2013, Tokyo, Japan
THE FLOOD WALL II, slideshow & exhibition on books, exp12, Berlin, Germany
LA NUIT DES IMAGES, slideshow, Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
THE FLOOD WALL I, slideshow at Biennale de la photographie, Mulhouse, France
NEAR BY NIGHT 6, NEAR guest at exp12, Berlin, Germany
Der Raum dazwischen, curated by hannah goldstein and Katja Klemm, Kugelbahn, Berlin, Germany
HER, Rolla Foundation, Bruzella, Switzerland / within Bi8 "Ogni sguardo un passo"


THE FLOOD WALL, slideshow & books, Cons Arc, Chiasso, Switzerland
NEAR BY NIGHT 5, slide show, Zinéma, Lausanne, Switzerland
SKINNING, group exhibition curated by Nadine Koch, Galerie exp12, Berlin, Germany
THE FLOOD WALL, slideshow, Galerie exp12, Berlin & Amsterdam
NEAR by NIGHT 4, slideshow, Zinéma, Lausanne, Switzerland


Fotoleggendo, Rome, Dummy exhibition, group exhibition
PHOTO+ART BOOK Hamburg, getPublished Award exhibition, group exhibition


I WAS A GALACTIC WIENERLI, Exhibition newspaper, Le Salon & Espace Abstract, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2017
A COME ARCIPELAGO, Exhibition catalogue, Museo d'Arte Mendrisio, Switzerland, 2017
ARE WE ALONE, Artist's Book, Edition of 200, France, 2016
TREES, Exhibition catalogue, Edition Rolla Foundation, Bruzella, 2015
Article 60, n° 3-4-6, Lausanne, Suisse, 2015
DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE THIS AREA (ATHENS), Artist's Book, Edition of 30, France, 2014
ATLAS, Artist's Book, Edition of 10, Vevey, 2014
TONELIT Magazine, Issue V, Uk, 2013
DER GREIF #7, five-years-anniversary-issue, Germany, 2013
LBEEN, Fanzine, Edition Galerie La Vitrine, Arles, 2013
AT ONCE, Artist's Book, Edition of 50, Vevey, 2013
HER, Exhibition catalogue, Edition Rolla Foundation, Bruzella, 2012


RSI - Rete Due, by Anna Pianezzolla, 2017
The Smell of Dust, by Sue-Elie Andrade-Dé, 2013


Artphilein Foundation, Lichtenstein-Switzerland
EQ2, Valais, Switzerland
Mulhouse Public Library, Mulhouse, France
Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia
Rolla Collection, Bruzella, Switzerland
Swiss National Library, Bern, Switzerland
Zines of the Zone, Nantes, France
Private collections, France, Germany, Switzerland


ARTICLE 60, Lausanne (2015) - HEAD cinema, Geneva (2013-2014) - Giacomo Hug, London (2012) - Sophiensaele, Berlin (2011) - HAU, Berlin (2011)


Anna Meschiari / / +33 6 48 13 80 53

Siret: 80835256100019
MDA: MC94701